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Don Ordes' Rope Dubbing DVD

First published in 2001 as an internet article, this Rope Dubbing DVD #1 has been 8 years in the making. It's all based on a quick and simple method of dubbing that Don developed 30 years ago while developing his realistic stoneflies. Don did not publish the technique until he found that it was about the only technique that could be used effectively for Ice Dubbing and other synthetics. Don applied the technique to every known dubbing material and everything dubbed perfectly. He has been demonstrating the method at fly shows across the country, introducing hundreds of beginners through professionals to the technique. This DVD was a much-requested item.

This technique consists of a base technique and sub-techniques, all of which makes for excellent, durable flies over a wide range of patterns. This is not a twisted or noodled dubbing technique, but a stationary core technique. DVD#1 has 24 tying techniques that are so fast freeze-framing will be required. Many sample photos of dubbed and finished flies are also inserted to assist tying. You'll see a 3-color caddis fly tied in a minute, and a segmented flash-scuds can be also be tied in 20 seconds.

The rope-dub technique is not like previous methods that noodle the dubbing with a thread loop. See the rope-dub flies page on Don's web site for sample ties and background.

The Advantages of Rope-dubbing Don's Way Are:

Fly-tying is a progressive hobby. New materials are found or created constantly, and the challenge is to be creative with these new materials while remaining true to the craft. Pushing the envelope, exploring new applications, such as the 'rope-dub' technique, and creating new flies are rewarding and keep a 40+-year hobby from ever growing stale. Tying skills need to be expanded and adapted constantly to go where no one has gone before. The world of fly-tying is extremely broad and covers not only every possible fishing application, but also applications in art and collectables- and in humor, if you want to go there.

You really need to read all the wonderful comments made by fly tyers about Don's Rope Dubbing method. They know how hard it is to do this right. Click HERE and get your copy of this unique video!

Don Ordes Rope Dubbing
Casper, Wyoming
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