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Neil M. Travis - May 09, 2011

I thought our readers might like to see what the Yellowstone River south of Livingston looks like the first week of May 2011. Currently, as of May 7, 2011, the snow water equivalent in the Yellowstone basin is 152% of average, and the runoff has not started yet. May and June are typically wet months in Montana so it appears that we will be experiencing high water well into July. You can find the snow pack reports at the following website address. []

Spring in Montana - May 5, 2009
Mallard’s Rest Fishing Access site about 15 miles south of Livingston, Montana. Note the cloudy skies, the snow in the mountains and the low snow just above the access area.

Spring in Montana - May 5, 2009
Looking north toward the Crazy Mountains just north of Livingston the headwaters of the Shields River.

Spring in Montana - May 5, 2009
Mallard’s Rest Fishing Access. The river is still running at winter levels

Spring in Montana - May 5, 2009
A drift boat and two shore anglers at Pine Creek Bridge

Spring in Montana - May 5, 2009
Lots of high snow

Spring in Montana - May 5, 2009
The Yellowstone River just below Nelson’s Spring Creek with more gravel showing than water

Certainly summer will come to Montana and the rivers will run low, clear and cold, but for the immediate future the word from the front lines is prepare for a long period of high water.

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