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Figure Eight Knot

By James Castwell

For years I have heard the virtues venerated and the plaudits proclaimed for the superior 'Surgeons' knot. Ok, I have used it too. It is fine for tying lines together and even making a loop. I do like it as I can actually tie it in the dark, one of the few that we can 'see' with our eyes closed. I got to wondering though why a knot that is actually even more simple was not adopted over the years, namely the kewl looking Figure Eight knot. It is easier, faster, more streamlined and holds at least as well, if not better.

Notice how easy it is to form this knot by just twisting the formed loop. Simple really and it is only one move plus pushing the end through and it is done. For a loop, twist it, poke the end through and you are done. What could be easier than that? Also it makes a knot that is not too bulky, good point for leaders and line to leader connections. Let me show you here. ~ J. Castwell

Joining Leader/Tippet or leader/flyline

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