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Perfection Loop

By James Castwell

As in ways to skin cats, there are often many ways to tie or construct knots. In this one, a standard method is to form a loop with a second loop behind it, then run the standing end between, reach thru the first loop and pull the second loop thru. It is fast and simple but does not make hanging a fly on the loop convenient.

This picture will show how it can be tied with the option of hanging a fly on the first loop. Also, it gives a clear understanding of exactly what the knot is and how it is constructed. As with all leader knots, wet the knot during final stress. This reduces friction, allowing for a tighter knot, and as friction enlarges the material, which will shrink after it has cooled, friction is to be avoided.

I (as often as I can remember to) will re-tighten the knot at my fly when fishing in cold salt water. Probably does not help, but, it's an old habit. ~ J. Castwell

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