Let's Go Get 'Em

"Bonefish '99 - Tranquility Hill"

by J Castwell and the LadyFisher

Sunshine, tourquoise blue water, Andros Island's best guide, our good friend slicfoot and we made it! Not without a few problems, like a flight from Nassau a bit late, one lost bag (slic's) the one of course with his clothes and all the of several hundreds flies he tied just for this trip! Not to worry, JC had a few left overs from the last bonefish trip! Note the airplane in the photo below. Local "bush" plane, an old flying boxcar.

Bonefish Simon Bain, our trusty guide showed up early, boat sparkling in the morning sun. Lunches, pop, and jugged water aboard we head out across the bay to Simon's favorite flats. Simon is running with a brand new Action Craft, 17 ft, 2' long with a 115 Mercery. Man, that boat really moves out. In fact, later in the day with the wind really blowing Simon bought us back in with an amazingly smooth ride. He is a fine boatsman, which probably has to do with the fact the guides here are well schooled and just short of born on the water. Certainly a nice feeling to have that kind of confidence in your guide.

Slicfoot, (Dave Ulmer) had not fished for bonefish, so today was "school" day for Dave. Including spotting fish, long line casting, double haul and even some wading on the flats with Simon at his side. It was a super day.

Slicfoot and the Ladyfisher
Bonefish Simon Bain

Really moving out!

Let's Go Fish!

Our fearless guide, best in the Bahamas! with a quick fish on our lunch break!
Meet Mr. Bonefish!

Our room is fine, the food absolutely great, and everyone here is just super. Couldn't be more accomodating or helpful. We will take the digital camera with us again tomorrow, also put some great casting pictures of Slic on film. Look for those here when we get back. Check back, more soon!

~ JC & the Lady

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