Let's Go Get 'Em

"Bonefish '99 - Andros Island, Part 2"

by Dave Ulmer (aka slicfoot)


Just another ho-hum morning in Paradise. Time to go wet a line and rip some lips.

The first day out I was "on deck" it seems all day - learning, Deanna, JC, and Simon took a lot of time to show me the "do's and don'ts," they are all super teachers.

First Bonefish

This is my first Bonz, it is small, but even the small ones can rip off 100 yards of backing in a few seconds. They are very strong and fast for their size, what a thrill!

Playing the fish
The one in this shot was the largest I caught! It took 300 yards of backing in 3 or 4 seconds - like an underwater rocket! After I got all the backing back on the reel, it made another 100 yard run before it cooled down enough to land.

My biggest

This is the critter that put my heart in my throat, these fish are very powerful. I told the chat room, a two-pound bonefish can pull a ten-pound Atlantic Salmon backwards until all its scales are ripped off.

JC and the LadyFisher

A little rest at the end of the day on the veranda at Tranquility Hill Fishing Lodge. Don't cry JC, there is always tomorrow - lol.

LadyFisher and friend

Does Deanna look happy with this one? It's not the largest she caught (no pics of that one) but it was a scrapper, as they all were!


Now he can smile!!

Bonefish Simon and me

Bonefish Simon and me after a great meal of lobster and conch salad. This was our last evening there. All the folks we met were the nicest group of people you could ever want to be around, just wonderful.

We are all looking forward to the trip next February. It should be a real "Goat Ropin." Hope you all can come, I know I will be there.

So much for Bonz, now on to Titusville FL and "Gater Tam."

Tammy's Tatoo Tam came out to the Orlando Airport to meet us on our way back home. We sat and told lies for about two hours until Deanna and JC had to catch a plane for their last leg home. I was going to stay and fish a couple of days with Tammy.

Speaking of "legs" how's this one? Yep, Tammy's new tatoo!

We didn't get to fish on Sunday as Mamma Nature had other plan for the day - 60 mph winds and storms.

High Cast

The classic "over the Saw Grass" delivery.

Fish On

We got out on Monday for about an hour before I had to get a plane home, darn! But it paid off "Fish On," Tammy had a Sea Trout, not big - but a fish!

Tammy's Tree

This is Tammy's Christmas Tree! She has it decorated with about four dozen flies, trying to get the snook to come out and play.

Gonzo Dave Ah, yes. Assume the classic position! What a fight this one put up. Oh well, it is a fish. Tammy's fish was somewhat larger, and where we fished was Catch and Release. Tammy was up a six-foot bank and we didn't know where the sneaky gator was.

It was a great trip! I'm looking forward to the next time out for Bonz - or Reds and Tarpon! ~ Dave Ulmer

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