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James Castwell Prepares for the Bonefish Party

February 2nd-9th, 1998
Deep Water Cay Club
Grand Bahamas

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Gettin' Ready


By now some of you have decided to look into going with us on the Bonefishing Party. You may have wondered why this isn't called a Bonefish School. We almost did call it that. It is what was requested we do. It will be. We just are not going to call it that.

We will give instruction on casting; the easiest to learn double-haul method we know of. There will be a class on fast-casting; getting the line out in a hurry. There will be a 'basic-casting' class for those interested. We will 'tune-up' anyone needing it. These will be as SHORT as possible so as not to interfere with the main purpose of the trip; to catch bonefish!

Since that is the main purpose, let's have a party! These are some of the things you should bring, based on a seven day stay.

    Fly rod: bring one #6 and one #8 ( a #7 in place of either is ok).

    Fly reel: bring a spare.

    Fly lines: best choice is a WF(?)F, have spares of each line weight(6,7,8).

    Leaders: one dozen, ten or eight pound, 9' to 12'.

    Tippet: as required, possibly fluorocarbon.

    Flies: Gotcha, crazy-charley, mini-puff, Merkin (available there).

    Stuff: camera & extra film, line cleaner, line floatant, nippers, etc.

    Shoes: 'flats' type, your choice of brand.

    Bag: for your stuff on the boat & wading; possible belt style.

    Clothing: 'supplex' type, cool, dries fast, comfortable, elastic pant cuffs. Change of clothes for dinner, casual is ok, no tie & jacket required.

    Glasses: polarized ... brown.

    Hat: green under brim; possible ear, neck protection. Tie-down optional.

    Sun screen: yes.

    Jacket: wind and rain proof, 'gore-tech' type.

    Personal medicine, toiletries etc.

Along with the above, be sure to include money for tips and your passport, or equivalent. We hope you can make the trip with us. It will be great fun; a trip of a lifetime. Sure will give us all something to chat about on line in the future.

See ya on the island! - JC

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