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James Castwell Prepares for the Bonefish Party

February 2nd-9th, 1998
Deep Water Cay Club
Grand Bahamas

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Gettin' Ready

"More on the Big Trip"

We are still working on what we need for stuff to go to Deep Water Cay Bonefish Club in February. Fly lines are showing up for JC's bonefish line trials. Rods have been selected. Most of the clothing we took last time is still usable, one of the advantages of buying good stuff in the first place.

Our home climate is quite moderate, so we really don't have a lot of days over 80 degrees, but since we do teach - and fish (not enough) our wardrobe does consist of mostly fishing-type clothing. I'd like to say that suplex shirts, pants and shorts are reasonably priced. Mostly they aren't.

After a lot of searching, we did find what I think is a bargain. Good quality suplex shirts with mesh ventilated yokes, plus cargo-type shorts which we purchased from Cabella's catalogue. We have them in several colors. They are very comfortable, wash and dry like a dream and wear like iron. The old suplex tended to grease spot and never quite look clean, but the new stuff is coated somehow and always looks good. Prices from Cabella's were substantially less than some of the more prestigious "name catalogues."

I do have to replace my flats shoes. The ones I have are worn out. Not the fault of the manufacturer, I have lived in them for a year. The darn things are so comfortable they are the first things I grab when I absolutely have to have shoes on. No they don't work for going out to dinner here, but they have sure been well used. The ones I need to replace are turquoise and purple, actually a bit loud for me, but worked fine with my normal jeans working attire.

Don't let the local guru give you a bunch of bull about needing super thick soles, or lace up high sides. Maybe that is what is needed in Belieze, but not in the Bahamas. Just low sided slip-ons are dandy. In fact, that is exactly what the guides wear. There are several brands of flat shoes, my old ones are called FlatsWalkers and made by Speedo. They have removable insoles and dry very quickly. Yes, I will buy the same brand again.

JC also has the same brand, but being a bit conservative in nature, he kept his for "special use only." That means he hasn't worn them since we left the Bahamas. Bet my feet are happier than his.

I get a little antsy about food when I travel. And some of the stories about food in various bonefish destinations are chilling. Frankly, at the price it costs to go to these places, I don't want to eat fish heads and rice three times a day.

Not to worry. Breakfast at Deep Water ranges from buffet-style everything you would find in a find mainland hotel, to made to order eggs. The routine starts with breakfast at 7:30, fresh fruit and juice, home-baked hot sweet rolls, pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast - the works. Liberally salted with good-humored kidding over coffee as to who had caught what the previous day.

After breakfast, walk about a block or so from our cottage to the boats. Made to order lunches along with whatever drinks you ordered the previous nite are on ice ready to go. Castwell even asked for the left-over Conch Salad appetizer on one occasion - and got it, fork included. After the first day, I always order an extra cookie for my lunch. Our guide loved the cookies.

The return to the Club each afternoon around five was almost a celebration. The guides kidded each other, (and us) about the day's adventures. There is time for a shower and change of clothes and a cold drink from the cottage's mini frig. (Just leave a note and the staff will restock to order.) The rooms were spotless, with fresh hibiscus on the coffee table daily. Cocktails are served in the Blue Hole Bar at the Lodge with appetizers at 7:00 and dinner at 8:00.

The food we had was excellent. It was a planned variety, with fresh hot rolls and desserts daily. Sometimes a dessert tray with a marvelous assortment of goodies topped off the feast. Crisp salads, with home grown tomatoes, perfectly done entrees (rack of lamb, and lobster while we were there) and wine picked to compliment the meal indicates the forethought of the management.

Castwell's favorite was the conch salad, (done like Lomi Lomi Salmon) served as an appetizer. Another evening at cocktails conch fritters were served with a spicy red cocktail sauce. Terrific.

You don't have to worry about finding fish, you may have a little concern about eating too much, there is no blaring televison to disturb your peace and quiet, and the sea is just outside your door. We slept well, fished to our hearts content, ate like royalty, and made new friends.

So what's not to like? Hope to see you there!

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