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Flies Only - Section Eight
By J. Castwell

Some background is necessary here. Why would Vincent Marinaro be so important to me and my investigating? I had also been looking for any fly that would look like the natural. That is, like the naturals as seen in my slant tank. Following is a series of one of my hatchlings, Ephemeralla dorothea, sub-imago (dun). The first picture shows the fly ahead of the window. Notice how the insect rides on top of the film, and leaves a 'foot-print' pattern.

Note footprints

You can see that body color is of no great importance here. This is the pattern a fish must 'key-in' on to be able to position himself for the rise. This the first stimulus. If it is correct the fish will assume all others to be correct also. All he has to go on is the foot-print pattern.

This is THE picture. This is the one, the first one that proved to me the 'ten-percent' law. The 'foot-print' pattern is there, the blank mid-range is present and the tip of the wing is just coming into view at the edge of the window.

Fly on the edge of the window

The above picture is an exact picture. It is the real thing. It is what a tied fly must look like to be effective. None of the tied flies looked like this one.

In this picture the fly is into the window a little farther and has turned. I had not trained him yet to face the camera.

Turned fly

At this point body color is relevant. This is the exact position a fish keeps a fly as he rises in the water column for the take.

My last picture of this fly is taken from directly below.

Fly from directly below

Refer to the above pictures and observe the placement of the fly's parts as they are seen in the series. This is how a tied fly should (must?) look to be effective. Vincent Marinaro told me he had a fly that would look like it. That is why he was so important to me.

Vince and his first book, A Modern Dry Fly Code

J. Castwell

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