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Flies Only - Section Six
By J. Castwell

In the last segment we had a look at the Royal Coachman. Remember, one of my original ideas was, why do so many flies catch fish, and does it really matter. There was a book about 2001 flies, all of which catch trout! Here now for a comparison, are the Adams and the Royal Coachman side by side from underwater.

Adams and Royal Coachman

Although not exactly alike, there are great similarities between the two. They, in hand, are radically different. From below, remarkably alike. With two so seemingly opposite looking flies appearing so similar my quest was driven ever onward. I was determined to find some flies that would look different. I got creative as can be seen below.

Radical Fly

This thing has the hackle in the middle, a tail way too long and the body in front. A real mess. (No, I have not tried to fish it, but, I bet it would catch fish.) Let's look at it from below.

Fly on edge of the window

I do not find this to be that far different from the other two. Some, but the same general features. Notice how the extremely long hackle and tail did not support it on the waters surface. And finally the fly from below looks like this.

Fly in window

At this point I was both discouraged (most flies looked quite similar) and encouraged to go forward on my search. J. Castwell

Next time we get really bizarre.

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