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Flies Only - Section Ten
By J. Castwell

I will start off with a picture of the fly I tied in section nine taken from below. The fly was positioned ahead of the edge of the window. You may remember seeing this same 'foot-print' pattern in a previous section. This was the first tied fly that had the same pattern as a natural.

Picture of footprint

Notice even though I over-tied the body, it still does not show in this view.

The next image is a classic. It dramatically shows the division of images. As you can see, it is nearly on the edge of the window. The 'foot-print' pattern which is a 'keying' element for the trout is clearly visible. The 'blind' section could not be more pronounced and the wing tips are readily visible tipping into the window at the top.

Picture of fly near window edge

The third photo shows how the fly would look to the trout at the moment of a take. Years of study and other photographic evidence support the angle of the take and place it exactly on the windows edge.

Picture of fly on edge of window

Below is a view of the fly as it leaves the window edge, showing only a trace of the edge below it. At this point the trout would most likely have let it pass over. To rise with the fly this vertical would cause the fish to be driven with the current. Not a practical action.

Picture of fly with a trace of edge

Finally we can see the fly from directly below. From this vantage it does not look remarkably different from many other forms of tie. By this time the trout has most assuredly let the fly pass.

Picture of fly from below

The above series of photos gives dramatic evidence of the 'thorax' style of tie exhibiting a unique visage from the trouts domain.

At this point I took another set of pictures, three shots from below with two flies side-by-side. On the left is the thorax fly, on the right is a regular tie.

Two flies out of window

You can easily see the difference between the two. Below is the next picture of them as they are on the edge of the window.

Both on the edge of the window

Remember, the trout has made up his mind before the flies get to the window edge. The final shot is with both flies nearly overhead. This is not a taking position, but rather only for observation of the two.

Both flies overhead

*As this series was created thirty years ago, I do not have any pictures of the today's method of tying so called 'thorax-style' flies by simply cutting some of the hackle from the bottom of the fly. These had not been invented yet by fly-tiers too lazy or too inept to tie them properly. I have personally viewed these in the slant-tank however and they in no way present the correct image at any of the positions. These abominations are more closely related to faultily tied parachute or comparaduns. A better name would be not an emerger but an abortion.

In the next section we take this a step further. J. Castwell

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