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Late Summer MidWestern Reservoir Outing - David Merical
Loathing the Bluegill - Bill Malec
Freud Would Know - Joe Hyde
No Chainsaw Needed - Joe Hyde
Caddo On The Fly - Robin Rhyme
Black Day - Rick Zieger
Two New Unknowns - Joe Hyde
Worse (and Better) Than Expected - Joe Hyde
The Fish Finder-Equipped Canoe - Joe Hyde
Late Beats Never - Joe Hyde
Fishing The Jumps - Gary Harris
Worth Going Back To - Joe Hyde
Three Times In A Week - Joe Hyde
Muddy Creek: A Masochists Delight - Bill Hillman
It's All Good - Joe Hyde
Welcome Wagon Wipers - Joe Hyde
North Alabama Farm Pond Bluegill - Jeffrey M. Jones
Chickasawhay Bluegill Fishing and the Hypno Toad - Jeffrey M. Jones
Bonus Time - Rick Zieger
Very Slow Day - Rick Zieger
Nippers - Rick Zieger
A Few Fish - Rick Zieger
Infestation - Rick Zieger
A Little Relief... Finally - David 'FishnDave' Merical
Fish When You Can! - David Merical
Canoe Again - Rick Zieger
Iowa Bluegills - Spring '08 - David 'FishnDave' Merical
Fishing the Island Nation - Tim Giger (Bluegill222)
Zero for the Week - Rick Zieger
Fly-fishing Around Central Iowa - David Merical
Slow But Steady - Rick Zieger
A Little Success - Rick Zieger
Futile Week - Rick Zieger
Purism - or the Lack Thereof - Gene Murray (HideHunter)
Wind and Mud - Rick Zieger
Frustration and Shut Out! -Rick Zieger
Good Crappie Day - Rick Zieger
A Day On Sloan Creek - Robin Rhyme
Whatever It Takes! - A Bluegill Adventure - Joe Valencic
Be Prepared to Change - Steve Gibson
Guide Trip - Steve Gibson
Blow Me Down - Joe Hyde
Good Day with the Olive and Orange - C. Stewart Denton
A Day on Idaho's Selway River - Joe Hyde
Guardians of the Gate - Joe Hyde
Texoma Striper On The Fly - Robin Rhyne
Castwell = Catch Well - Joe Hyde
A Day on Idaho's Lochsa River - Joe Hyde
Three Days, Three Fish - Rick Zieger
Geezer Week - Rick Zieger
Darn Fly - Rick Zieger
A Tale of Two Speeds - Rick Zieger
No Apologies: Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass - Jason McKinley Williams
Wipers on the Rocks - Joe Hyde
Far From the Maddening Crowd - John White
Testing - One, Two, Three - Joe Hyde
Weed Top Crappie - Rick Zieger
Where Have the Fish Gone? - Rick Zieger
This Ain't No Crappie! - Joe Hyde
Three On One - Joe Hyde
Harder Than It Looks - Joe Hyde
Don't Try This At Home - Joe Hyde
A Little Springtime! - Tim Lunceford
Stripers on Lake Texoma - Robin Rhyme
An Outlet Runs Through It - Joe Hyde
Old Reliable's Investigation - Joe Hyde
Duel At Dusk - Joe Hyde
They Wanted Me Soaked - Joe Hyde
White Trash - Joe Hyde
Mistakes Were Made - Joe Hyde
Other People's Flies - Joe Hyde
The PTN Cruiser - Joe Hyde
One Fish Per Fly - Rick Zieger
And More On Soft Anchors - Tim Lunceford
Operation Crappie, Part 2 - Tim Lunceford
2-Anchor System Update - Joe Hyde
Operation Crappie - Tim Lunceford
Canoe Racks - Joe Hyde
Reflections - Tim Lunceford
Hiking In - Rick Zieger
I Didn't Wanna' See It - Rick Zieger
Shore Gills - Rick Zieger
First and Third - Rick Zieger
Upswing Week - Rick Zieger
Thanksgiving, 2006 - Joe Hyde
Something I Never Expected - Joe Hyde
PST (Panfish Standard Time) - Joe Hyde
"Doin' It Like Rick" - Joe Hyde
Fly Fishing Small Streams - Troy Basso
The Hunt for Red Ear October - Joe Hyde
Red (ear) States, Blue (gill) States - Joe Hyde
Well, Blow Me Down - Tim Lunceford
Odd Place For A Snag - Tim Lunceford
Canoeless - Rick Zieger
The Floating Casino - Joe Hyde
Another Zero - Rick Zieger
Weed Tops - Rick Zieger
One Fly - Rick Zieger
Worms Rule - Joe Hyde
Young Reliable Saves the Day - Joe Hyde
We're Just Amateurs Out There - Joe Hyde
Lily Pad Pond - Rick Zieger
On The Bayou - Joe Hyde
B-A-S-S Spells Relief - Joe Hyde
Lunch With Rick - Joe Hyde
And 46 Years Later I'm... - Joe Hyde
The Plan Changes - Joe Hyde
Flats Gills - Rick Zieger
Old Reliable vs. Carbondale City Lake - Joe Hyde
Back Into The Fire - Joe Hyde
Contact - Joe Hyde
Surprise, Surprise - Joe Hyde
One Fish, Two Fish - Joe Hyde
Out of Sync/Back in Sync - Joe Hyde
My Kind of FBI - Joe Hyde
Marabou Minnow - Tom Keith
When The Shoe Drops - Joe Hyde
Interstate Bluegills - Joe Hyde
Now, About That Sun... - Joe Hyde
Comin' at Ya - Rick Zieger
Convert - Rick Zieger
Off Season? What Off-Season? - Joe Hyde
Christmas Candy, Compliments Tim and Andy - Joe Hyde
Fun With Yellow - Rick Zieger
X 3 - Rick Zieger
Cold Front - Rick Zieger
When I'd Never Gone Before - Joe Hyde
Fishing with Joe Hyde (2) - Rick Zieger
New Water - Rick Zieger
Well, Somebody Has To Catch 'Em - Joe Hyde
I Quit! - Rick Zieger
Monsters in the Swamp - Jim Hatch
Swamp Rat on Leaving the Swamp - Brian L. Avery
To Weight or Not To Weight - Rick Zieger
Sunday Afternoon for 100 - Rick Zieger
Going Chinese - Joe Hyde
Pull The Ripcord, Adams! - Joe Hyde
Frustration - Rick Zieger
Where's the Camera? - Rex Walker
Uncle Dee's Fly Fishing Life Lesson - Norm Cox
Releasing Tomorrow's Lunkers Today - Joe Hyde
All Natural (flies for carp) - Jason Cotta
That Little Popping Sound - Joe Hyde
Rubber vs Feather Hackle - Rick Zieger
Weedline Bass - Rick Zieger
Go Cat, Go! - Joe Hyde
Carp Success - Rick Zieger
Whitecaps - Rick Zieger
A Long Time Coming... - Jason Tinling
Memorial Day With EB - Rick Zieger
Bead Head Flies - Rick Zieger
Blown Away By Bass - Joe Hyde
Teaching Noon - Rick Zieger
If Pinkie Says So - Joe Hyde
Strictly For Scientific Purposes - Joe Hyde
Someday Is Today - Joe Hyde
Night School - Joe Hyde
Where There's Smoke - Joe Hyde
Like I Had Any Choice - Joe Hyde
Lost to a Mad Cow - Rick Zieger
Lip 'Em - Rick Zieger
Sunday Challenge - Rick Zieger
New Personal Best - Rick Zieger
Different Spots - Rick Zieger
Dumb Mistake - Rick Zieger
Educated Fish? - Rick Zieger
Fish Farming - Jeffery A. Ehasz
Low Water Yellowfish - Adam Crooks
A Fine Old Tradition - Robin Rhyne
Lake Texoma Basics - Rex Walker
Introducing: The White Perch - ron P. swegman
Warm Water Angler in a Cold Water Fishery - Robin Rhyne
Hooks - Rick Zieger
Inner City Fly Fishing - Ellis P. Mendiola
Warm Water in South Africa - Adam Crooks
Adventures in Warm Water - Ed Mercado
Texas Fall - Rex Walker
A Day on the Paluxy - Robin Rhyne
Hooked - W.E.Endicott
The 2-Anchor System (Part two) - Joe Hyde
The 2-Anchor System (Part one) - Joe Hyde
How To Grind The Gears When Shifting - Joe Hyde
Road Fish - Rick Zieger
Me Teach? - Rick Zieger
Surface Morning - Rick Zieger
Panfish Appreciation Day - Joe Hyde
Slash and Strike - Rick Zieger
What shouldn't have happened, did - Joe Hyde
Lighten up, dude! - Joe Hyde
A Midge Too Far - Joe Hyde
Silence is Golden - Joe Hyde
Graduation Day - Joe Hyde
Are Mountain Rainbows Panfish? - Joe Hyde
Mission Possible - Joe Hyde
Long Wait - Rick Zieger
Muddy Creek 101 - Bill Hillman
A Lazy Day up Muddy Creek - Bill Hillman

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