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From Perrault's Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies
by Keith E. Perrault
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Erroneous terms sometime applied to nymphal forms of insects.

Term given to a Jungle Cock Eyed feather.

Tying silk of a size slightly larger than Gossamer.

Narragansett Turkey:
A gray, white-tipped turkey feather.


Natural Brown:
Color - Medium shade of brown. Refers mainly to hackles and feathers. Also to color of furs.

Natural Flies:
Flies representing some form of insect life.

Natural Blend:
Made-made synthetic fur dubbing material. Trade name.

Similar to Nighthawk, feathers are brow and mottled. Good fly wing material.

No Hackle Flies:
System of tying dry flies without use of hackles to help them float. Developed by Doug Swisher and Carl Richards.

North Country England Trout Flies:
Specific tying instructions always state that these flies should be tied spare and small, or, be lightly dressed on small hooks, due to types of insects indigent to the area and normally gin-clear waters.

The metamorphic stage of Mayflies between larva and adult. Characteristic of nymphs are wing pads present. Also stage of many other insects of aquatic origin.

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