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Bonefish PARTY 2000

By Jim Birkholm, Editor FAOL

Scheduling Problem
The good news is, we are honored to have been invited to assist the Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas in developing a Guide Certification program for all of the islands. The bad news is, the date of the meeting has not yet been confirmed. That means we WILL NOT be going to Andros Island during February. We WILL post on here exactly when it is scheduled, possibly within six weeks of our original date. We're really sorry we won't be there when planned.

As usual FAOL has done it again; taken a different approach to something. The Bonefish Party 2000 is another example. The event will be coordinated and supervised by Bonefish Simon, Andros Island, Bahama, February 20 through February 27th, 2000.

It will be a great time for everyone, whether you are new to bonefishing or an old-timer. We will fly onto Andros Island on Sunday, the 20th. That evening at the main headquarters (Tranquility Hill Bonefish Lodge) we will have a general get-together after a great seafood dinner and all make, or renew old friendships.

There will be an 'FAOL $25 Jackpot' established for the longest bonefish of the week for those who wish to enter. All guides will carry measuring equipment to record lengths and their word will be final.

Monday morning the class instruction starts with Bonefish Simon in charge. Over a dozen guides ( all members of the Andros Island Professional Fishing Guides Association ) will assist in casting demonstrations and instruction, bonefishing information, tackle, lines, leaders, flies, and other necessary information to make our fishing experience a memorable one. After lunch, each guide will take two fishermen onto the flats for an afternoon of personalized fishing and instruction.

These bonefish are not the renown monster sized for which Andros is known world-wide, but are plentiful and willing targets. Then back to the lodge for another great dinner, relaxing, and the exchange of ideas and information. Each evening will be spent in cordial conversation and probable additional casting practice at the lodge for those who can still lift their arm to shoulder level after spending from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the finest bonefish flats in the world.

The next days, Tuesday through Saturday will be spent on the flats with the finest bonefish guides in the Bahamas, going after world-class Bonefish! Two fly-fishers per boat plus the guide.

We expect record sized fish to be landed so those of you who wish, be prepared with the proper 'line-class' leaders and equipment for such trophies.

At the close of fishing on Saturday (the 26th) we will all meet at Tranquility Lodge for an evening of celebration. The "Bone-voyage,"dinner, presenting the 'FAOL Award' for the longest bonefish, the dissemination of the FAOL Jackpot, and an evening relaxing with the 'Guides.'

Sunday morning (the 27th), after breakfast it's back to the Andros Town Airport and on your way home from a wonderful vacation.

This is not a school as in the usual terms. It is a seminar run by the guides who live and breath this stuff year around, not by some 'expert' from the 'states' who has read a book and leads a charge to the tropics so he can get his fishing trip for free. This is the best and most accurate bonefishing information available. That is why we are calling it a party; it's going to be great!

If you do not yet know how do double-haul I suggest you learn now and practice as much as possible before you go. It is essential; you just are not going to do well without it, period. There is much information in my columns on it, I suggest you start there, then get some lessons. It will be taught at the party, but that is to improve your double-haul, not to start you from the beginning. This is not a kids party, it is the real thing for real fly-fishers.

The guides and lodges will have flies for sale, and if you do not tie your own, do not buy any from your local fly shop expert; get the ones that are designed by and for the area; it's only the smart thing to do. I will post a list of flies and necessary recommended equipment on here very soon.

There are several places to stay within a short distance from Tranquility Hill lodge, each with their various amenities, for instance, Mount Pleasant is a very, very nice resort as well. They are both sponsors of FAOL and you can find out more information about them by going to the sponsor page on this site.

The Lodges and the guides are giving all who sign up for the FAOL Party a much appreciated discount for the event. Thanks guys! Soon I will post the exact costs of the lodges for the week which will cover your room, board, and guides cost. You can count on this; you will get more for less on this trip than you could any other way. The Bahamians are wonderful folks, probably the finest I have ever met anywhere. We are honored they are doing this for the FAOL bunch.

Mark your calendar now, be ready to send in the deposit by Jan 21, 2000 or sooner and join us for the best Bonefishing Trip of a Lifetime. Several are already committed to make the trip with us at this time. And yes, they have permit and tarpon, big ones! ~ JC


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