Fishing in Mexico

Part Four

Mike and Dorado
Photos from Mike Croft
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The Gear

by Mike Croft

There are as many opinions concerning equipment selection For Baja as there are anglers who fish there. A lot of what you will want depends on your fishing style, and your pocket book. There are fish along the shore of Baja that if hooked will never be landed. They don't make fly equipment, in any weight, that will tame some of these brutes. That said, be aware that no matter what you use you always have the chance that one of these salt hogs will latch on to your fly.

If you could only take one rod, make it a ten weight. A twelve weight will wear you out if you are casting it all day, much worse than a ten weight. If it weren't for the fatigue, I would recommend the twelve over the ten. Even a small yellow fin Tuna will take a twelve weight and make it feel like a three weight.

Should finances allow outfitting your trip then I would pick a fourteen weight for billfish. A twelve for some of the schools of tuna, a ten weight for Dorado. And an eight weight for beach fishing. I would also have a back up rod for each size. Now this is a lot of equipment and if you are buying top of the line stuff you will be putting out a fortune. I recommend picking up inexpensive rods for the ten, twelve and fourteen weight rods. If they break, so what? Save your money for the nicer rods you will use closer to home.

Your reels should be top notch. A top notch reel is one with a cork drag system. I know a lot of new and fancy drag systems are out there but none have been around long enough for me to trust them. I have never fished a bad cork drag. Unfortunately most of the reels with a cork drag start around $400. So plan on spending some money here.

Reaction time is very short in tropical waters. You may only have seconds to react to a school of tuna. I find that it is hard to change spools as conditions change, simply because they can change so fast.

I like to have a reel for each of my rods.

Beach fishing is a ball and can be done with a six weight as long as you know that once a day we hooked something we couldn't stop. I suggest an eight weight as it will give just a bit more penetration in the wind.

~Mike Croft

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