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Here are MORE Al Campbell Photos from the FAOL Summer Fish-In 1999

Worn out ehc

But a nice brookie!

Grizz on Spring Creek

Slicfoot on Castle Creek

Al himself

Al catch of the day

B2 in front, more of the casting crew

Brookie and Tan Thorax

Brookie on worn-out fly

Another view of the worn-out fly

Chub on Rapid Creek

Parnelli on Castle Creek.

Double Hook up -JC and Lady

Evidence of Rain

Fall midge emerger

FAOL fishs Castle Creek

Griz on Rapid Creek

JC really can cast!

And land one too

Griz and Ken on Spring Creek

Ken and Slic, Castle Creek

Mike and the LadyFisher

Lady of Castle Creek

Well, nobody's perfect

Parnelli at the sweeper

Perfect Cast

Royal Couple

Rupe with Success

Another fish for Rupe

Rupe prospecting

Slic and Chub on Rapid Creek

Small Brookie.

Tan caddis

The FAOL Wild Bunch!

Jim and Deanna

Wow - really appreciate the effort Al! Thanks for sharing them with us all!

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