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Here are Ken Wooten's Photos from the FAOL Summer Fish-In 1999
(More in Rupe's article, Just Old Flies!)

Before Breakfast Coffee Gang

Here's some of the folks who made it to Crooked Creek! Left to right: AC, FritzFratz, Rachelle, LadyFisher, Mr. and Mrs. Old Rupe, Parnelli, JC, Ken, Slicfoot and Chub.

On the way to the Casting Clinic!

Left to right: Parnelli, Slicfoot, JC and AC.

Casting Clinic, Deerfield Lake

Left to right: Parnelli, Rachelle, Mamma Kate, Slicfoot, Mike, Grizz, AC, B2, Wiz, JC and LadyFisher.

JC and LadyFisher, Deerfield Lake

Castle Creek

Headed up, below the Deerfield Dam, Griz, AC, Parnelli, Slicfoot and Chub.

Same group, getting closer

Woottens Roost!

Adult beverages, pickled goose breast, and homemake elk summer sausage at Ken Wooten's cabin at Deerfield - Mountain Meadow. LadyFisher, Grizz, and JC. Note the empty plates! It was great!

Down from Deerfield Dam, Happy 

Castle Creek

Chub below Deerfield Dam

AC and Parnelli, Castle Creek

Chub, Parnelli and AC on Castle Creek.

Kinda Small Slic!

Slicfoot releasing one on Castle Creek.

Slicfoot's Catch of the Day!

Grizz on Castle Creek.

Waiting for the slide show!

AC and LadyFisher, hanging out next to the fire! Tuesday nite JC did a slide program on what the fish see. It was in the "shelter" at Crooked Creek Resort. As you can see everyone is wearing whatever warm they have. It did get cold.

More at the Shelter.

Waiting for the rest of the group!

Chub at the Eye of the Needle

Chub and Grizz at Keystone, eating of course

Dinner at the Alpine Inn, Hill City

Left to right: Grizz, Jim from Walla Walla, Slicfoot, Ken, Parnelli and Chub.

Also Dinner at the Alpine

Mamma Kate, B2 and wife Marion, JC, LadyFisher and Wizard.

Sporting Fly Contest Contestants

Scheel's All Sports in Rapid City

Left to right: Al Campbell, JC, Dennis Steiner Assistant Manager, and LadyFisher.

JC and LadyFisher leaving at the Rapid City Regional Aiport

Thanks Ken! Appreciate you sending these!

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